We love Free Agent and you will too


We love FreeAgent and you will too

Are you the type of business owner that gets their tax returns submitted, out of the way, as early as possible? If you are there’s no avoiding how time-consuming and tedious your accounting can be. It requires continuous bookkeeping throughout the year and takes up time that could be spent elsewhere. If this isn’t you, you might be at the other extreme.

Too many business owners leave filing their tax return the last minute, only to be shocked by how much time, effort, and stress is involved when you aren’t adequately prepared. Then you find yourself scrambling for receipts and possibly on the brink of tears as the last few minutes until the deadline encroaches on you.


No matter which end of the spectrum you find your accounting style to be, there is a simple solution to your problems: FreeAgent.

We’ve been busy researching different accounting software that will make your life easier. No longer will you be working 60 hour weeks to finish your accounting duties. You won’t be awake until the early hours on deadline day, trying to track down that one missing receipt. Furthermore, you’ll never have to spend your valuable time doing accounting tasks that are essential, but certainly not the ones you want to be doing to improve business growth. All of this can be solved with FreeAgent.

Take back control

FreeAgent gives business owners more opportunity to focus on the most critical aspects of their business due to its ease of use. It is perfect for small to medium business owners because it includes everything you need to take back control of your time and make your accounting straightforward.

We have narrowed down why this is the best software for small to medium business owners. The software is our favourite because it can:

  • Alert you for your tax deadlines
  • File payroll
  • File self-assessment
  • Provide live bank feeds currently with RBS and NatWest
  • Hide users in your FreeAgent account
  • Send notifications on the performance of your business
  • Create a customer sales report
  • Record your estimates and bills with the FreeAgent app
  • Integrate with Dropbox, iCloud, and more
  • Provide auto-enrolment support
  • Create P45s
  • CSV and PDF export compatible
  • Connect with PayPal
  • Multi-currency banking

How to get FreeAgent

And, importantly, FreeAgent is currently developing their software to include corporation tax. This is only the narrowed-down list. There are plenty more opportunities to streamline your accounting. The cherry on top of the cake is that if you’re a Natwest or RBS customer, FreeAgent is entirely free! If you’re not with these banks, don’t worry, FreeAgent is currently offering 50% off for new customers. So don’t hesitate. Get FreeAgent today and transform your time and your business into something much more efficient.

If you need more information about the best accounting software for your business, contact us today on 0161 327 2911. We offer professional, trustworthy, and reliable accounting services, so you never have to worry about your business finances again.

About the Author:

Since 2013, Sophie has been an integral part of the Big Hand team. As a social butterfly, Sophie is mostly responsible for introducing new clients to the company. If you’re an avid networking, you’re most likely to meet Sophie at local events. Alongside attracting new business, she also assists with account management, and she manages payroll on behalf of clients. For fun, Sophie loves to keep fit running or playing korfball with her team. She is also in the middle of learning a new language and so her most recent challenge is attempting to read Harry Potter in Dutch.