Empowerment is the key to employee engagement

employee engagement

Empowerment is the key to employee engagement

Most businesses know employee engagement is the key to higher productivity, more profits, and a happier work environment. But, not enough know how to achieve it. Around 85% of employees aren’t engaged in the workplace. That’s an overwhelming majority who either view the workplace negatively or with apathy. 

This 85% could cost businesses around £5.4 trillion each year across the world. But researchers have discovered employees are more satisfied when they have power. According to research, employee empowerment is associated with stronger performance, job satisfaction, and commitment to the organisation. But how can we bring this to our businesses?

Empowering employees

While the majority of employees want to have some power in their roles, not all employees can be in high-level, powerful positions. There simply aren’t enough roles to go around. But there are ways you can empower employees even in entry-level positions.

Grant employees autonomy

When employees are able to make decisions on their own, it gives them a sense of ownership over their work. Employees need to have choices rather than being forced into doing tasks they have no say over. This will inevitably cause clashes where employees feel they have value to add but aren’t able to. 

Many business owners, particularly in small businesses, micromanage employees, dictating their every move. This might not be a conscious choice, but rather they’re invested and protective over their business. But this type of environment can squash creativity and lead to fed-up employees. 

Give employees freedom

Great leaders give employees strategic goals and benchmarks, then let the employees decide how they will meet them. They put the focus on results and give employees the freedom to be more creative with how they get there. It will boost their job satisfaction and happiness, and drive them to bring in the results you need for your business. 

For example, introverts and extroverts will probably go about achieving results with different working styles. But they’re both capable of providing equally great results. Give your employees something to work towards. 

Trust employees

There’s nothing more frustrating than a boss who wants results but doesn’t trust you to provide them. Employees are committed to their work when they trust their leaders have their back, and they’re confident enough to make autonomous decisions. 

If you’ve been struggling to understand how to engage yor employees, empowerment could be the answer. If you try to infuse these tips into your management practices, you might see engagement, profits, and creativity start to rise. 

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