Finding the right accountant for your business is easier than you think

 Finding the right accountant

Finding the right accountant for your business is easier than you think

Choosing an accountant is a huge decision. You’ll spend a lot of time thinking about whether you can afford them or whether it is better for you to do your own taxes, but after realising you have no idea where to start, you conclude that it’s for the best. The only thing is, who do you choose? There are thousands of accountants out there to speak to – 530,000 to be precise. The ones with websites (because you’re not even considering the ones without) make themselves sound great, but how can you be sure they truly are a good fit for your business? Here are a few tips from us to help finding the right accountant effortless. 


Although cloud computing is making the importance of location a thing of the past, the relevance of location depends on your unique needs. How do you like to work? Would you rather discuss face-to-face, by email, by phone, or video calling? If you prefer face-to-face, narrow it down to local accountants who have a good track record with their customers.


You need an accountant who is experienced in managing businesses similar to your own. The way you pay tax, the type of tax you pay, the amount of tax you pay, and the legislation surrounding these things differ greatly between businesses. You want to be certain that your accountant knows the ins and outs of the system. If they, don’t this can be an expensive fix for you later down the line. Even a simple conversation with your prospective accountant with some hypothetical situations can help you gauge their competence.


Has anyone recommended these accountants to you? It doesn’t have to be a friend or someone you know. It could just be that the accountant has excellent online reviews from previous clients, or has received some recognition in the media recently. This social proof will be useful in helping you determine if the accountant is trustworthy, loyal, knowledgeable, and good value for money.  


What software does the accountant use to manage your finances? Recent legislation set out by HMRC requires businesses to take a modern approach to their taxes and make tax digital. To do this, you need to be using up-to-date software that meets HMRC’s standards, and your accountant should be able to ensure this is the case. They should also use modern, effective software within their own process, showing you they are equipped to deal with anything you throw at them and have invested in their own business.

How will they help you grow?

This is possibly the most important aspect to consider. One of the smart reasons to get an accountant is to delegate the work and free up your time, leaving you to focus on effective business growth and making more money. You want your accountant to do their best to help with this, whether it is ensuring they manage your taxes effectively, so you never have to worry, or if it’s helping to review daily operations. Are there unnecessary outgoings you can cut back on? Have you set your prices too low? Ask your prospective accountants how they will add value to your growth and find the one that will stick with you and help you build a stronger business.

At Big Hand, we help our clients grow by taking control of their taxes so they have all the time in the world to nurture their business. Get in touch with us today on 0161 327 2911 to find out more.

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