4 business lessons we can learn from the pandemic

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4 business lessons we can learn from the pandemic

The country is reopening once again. After months of lockdown, shops and businesses are opening their doors again, slowly but surely. It’s a huge sigh of relief for some who had to close down completely throughout the entire period and will be a nice pick-me-up for the economy.

So as we return to a little bit of normality, is there anything we can learn as businesses from what we just went through? Here are some business lessons we all learnt from the pandemic that we can take with us into the future.

Lesson 1 – Be adaptable

This is more of a general lesson that will feed into the rest, but it is worth saying now. This pandemic showed us the importance of being able to change with your situation. With the surprise of the lockdown, many found themselves stuck because their business couldn’t work in that environment.

It shows us how crucial it is to be adaptable. To stay on your toes. To have a contingency plan for a time when this happens again. If we were to go into another lockdown, could you handle it this time? You should always be ready to change your business if needs be, a lesson we all should have known pre-lockdown.

Lesson 2 – Invest in technology

For some, technology was the answer to their problems. With remote working (which we’ll get to soon), you need the technological infrastructure to support your operations. Some claim we have jumped five years forward in business tech adoption in the space of just eight weeks.

Those who were slow in adopting new technologies into their business fell behind. Either they had to invest or close. If they had invested in new technology gradually, year on year, they might not have been in the same situation. Going forward, we can see why doing such a thing would be beneficial. Even with the higher upfront costs.

Lesson 3 – New ways of working

Many businesses had no choice but to move to remote working. But was this always inevitable? Not necessarily on such a massive scale, but were we as a society bound to move towards working from home? It’s definitely something people wanted; before the pandemic, 86% of workers would have liked to work from home one or more days a week. But only 26% actually were.

And of those who could work from home, 48% were more likely to rate their job a “10” on the happiness scale – the maximum. We’ve seen how productive we can be when working from home and that it’s a viable option. So maybe now we can make it a permanent fixture, something to reward your employees with.

Lesson 4 – The importance of open communication

As we open up and people return to work, shops, and other retail businesses, we need to think about health and safety. Not just the cleaning regimes we put in place, but how we tell our staff and customers what we expect of them and what we’re doing to keep them safe. Being able to communicate this message clearly is of the utmost importance.

This open, frank communication is something we can use in the future. We should talk honestly with our staff at all times and make them feel as if they can talk to us. Being direct and clear will always be useful. This goes for your customers too; how do you let them know about any changes to operations?

These are all lessons we feel can be used not just during the pandemic but as a permanent part of our business. We should always aim to grow and do better, and these lessons are a perfect way to achieve that.

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