Steps to improve your employee productivity

Employee productivity

Steps to improve your employee productivity

Having a high level of employee productivity is one of the best ways to maximise your outputs and profits. When your employees are productive, you get more for the money you pay on their salaries and other employee-related expenses. Despite this, Britain is 15% less productive per employee than the average of its EU competitors. So what are the best strategies to ensure you have productive employees?


This is where it all starts. Disengaged employees will ultimately drag your company down whereas engaged employees often stay longer in your business and work harder. 72% of UK-wide employees stated they would work harder if they felt appreciated. But how do you get employees to truly care about your business and be engaged?

A simple thank you 

Employee recognition is crucial if you want your employees to be engaged. 48% of employees say a simple thank you will suffice. But the other 52% might rightly want more in the form of staff parties and rewards for hitting targets or staying with the business for a certain amount of time. They want you to show them you value their work and they’re not spending their time working for someone who wouldn’t miss them if they left. 

It’s worth noting 62% of UK employees feel underappreciated by their boss, so a lack of engagement isn’t uncommon. It’s up to you to embrace the employees’ needs and start rolling out a new recognition programme which many of your staff want and deserve. 

Give your team the right tools

In today’s age, the right tools means giving them the right technology to get the job done efficiently and effectively. This is essential for a highly productive team. Analyse your operations and see where there’s room for improvement. But make sure the changes are something the staff want and can use because, if they’re not, it might have the opposite effect, causing a drop in productivity. Automation allows your staff to free up their time to work on other more important tasks that require a human touch. This should help drive quality and productivity. 

It’s important to be as productive as possible to get the most out of your business and continue to grow. Having the right team and a productive workforce means you’re already halfway there. 

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