I came to Big Hand after bad experiences with two separate accountants. In the past, I was chasing them with no response and didn’t have much confidence in their support. I was clueless about what I should have been doing and when, and wasn’t receiving the advice I needed.

The final straw was the advice (or rather lack of) I was given surrounding my first employees and PAYE. Something didn’t feel right. My suspicions were confirmed after handing over the work to Big Hand who highlighted what could have been some very expensive mistakes.

Fast forward to now and Big Hand has overcome the challenges and been exceptional in turning everything around – very quickly too, might I add.

While the whole team have been brilliant, Hannah, in particular, has been a real credit. As a wordsmith, numbers aren’t really my forte, and her help has been the key to understanding every stage as we’ve grown, from a sole trader to a VAT-registered, limited company with a growing team. She’s made the journey effortless and I am grateful for her – and Big Hand’s – continued support.

I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Alia Coster

Founder, Coster Content Ltd


Alia Coster, Coster Content Ltd