I used ‘Big Hand’ to help grow up my company. They helped me grow from a small home-based business to renting my own space. Subsequently, they helped me with the international complications during our relocation to Australia.

‘Big Hand’ were extremely knowledgeable advising me on all aspects of the business. Even factors I hadn’t even considered. Their most favourable attribute is their honesty. They might not necessarily tell you what you’d like to hear, but you can guarantee it’ll be what you need to help you grow your business to the level you aspire to. They have helped me achieve what I believed to be the impossible.

I was impressed by their knowledge in every aspect of the business. They took time to explain things clearly and simply in a way I could understand and helped implement a strategic business plan for the future. I loved that the model they developed not only worked in the short-term but continued to develop in line with my business.

Communication was always consistent – my calls returned before the end of the business day; the team were on hand whenever I needed them. I’d definitely recommend ‘Big Hand’ to anyone needing a helping hand with their business.

My company is my baby, and you’ve helped it grow into a profitable young adult. For that, I’ll be eternally grateful, you have been a pleasure to deal with since day one, extremely competent, and all-around generally good guys. Thank you for all your help.

Charmaine Khan, Elegant Eyes