In December 2019, I made the business decision to transfer my accounting needs to the Big Hand Group. Ever since I made this request, I’ve had the pleasure of liaising with Hannah, and Petra, who have been so helpful in ensuring that this transfer has been a seamless process, allowing me to focus upon my core business.

More importantly, Hannah has taken the time to meet with me personally, giving me a clear breakdown of my profit and loss accounts as well as giving me sound advice on my future tax position, both corporate and personal. Hannah has a natural customer friendly approach and for the first time since I set up my business, thanks to Hannah, I now possess an accurate understanding of my transactions, resulting in me being able to make more informed business decisions.

Without doubt, as a past MD of a large company, I can readily see that Hannah is a true ambassador for the Big Hand Group, creating future business opportunities through her excellent customer service.’

Jon Hitchenor, JDH Talent Consultancy Ltd