Production Services Ireland (PSI) are leaders in the lighting and rigging industry in Ireland. Throughout the last three years, we’ve faced rapid expansion. As a company, we are run entirely by trade professionals who specialise in their profession. Not ‘business experts.’

As the principal shareholder and the director of the company, I was looking for investment and was introduced to Mick Seddon of ‘Big Hand’ Consultancy and Accountants. To say the experience was a breath of fresh air is an understatement.

Within six months and a thorough due diligence process, an investment package was looking a genuine possibility. Big Hand relieved massive pressure to the operating directors and established a positive direction within the business. This allowed trade to flourish in the right direction. Leaving us confident in the knowledge that the financial and structure of the company has massively improved.

With continuing support, all aspects of PSI have improved. From relations with the financial establishments and implementing the right procedures, to a thorough profit analysis in all our projects.

Without ‘Big Hand’, PSI would not be in the strong position they are to wipe out competition within Ireland and expand into UK and Europe.

Brian Reilly, Production Services Ireland