Things to think about before hiring friends and family

hiring friends and family

Things to think about before hiring friends and family

So you need to hire more employees. Business is going well and you could do with a few extra pairs of hands. And hiring friends and family sounds ideal; it might even sound like a dream come true to work alongside the people you get along with best. Joking all day with friends while running your own business sounds like the dream, right? 

But there are quite a few important factors that need to be considered before you take the plunge and hire everyone in your household and beyond. Is it really a good idea to hire friends and family? Let’s dive in.

It might affect your relationship

You’ll see this person a lot more than you used to, and this can put a strain on the best relationships. Relationships can be further damaged as the lines between your personal life and work life become blurred. Separating the two is tricky, especially in difficult times. If your friend made a big mistake at work, would you still be able to meet up with them that weekend with no hard feelings?

There may be a time when your friend or family member makes a mistake that’s too difficult to brush off, and if that time comes, will you be able to fire them? It can be hard to reprimand someone you’re so close to, but if they aren’t right for the company, you can’t keep them. This is sure to strain relationships and you have to be ready for that.

Are they qualified?

They may be hardworking, self-motivated, and professional, but are they qualified on paper for this role? They may need to have prior experience, a qualification, or a particular skill set for them to fill the role well. If they aren’t prepared, you could spend much of your day putting out fires instead of focussing on the important parts.

Another aspect to consider is if they fit the team. You may be trying to give them a role that doesn’t need to exist, just to have them on board, which is a waste of money and may have you accused of nepotism by the rest of the team.

Do you trust them?

One of the benefits of hiring someone you know so well is that you know if you can trust them. The problem is, your trust may be abused. Coming in a few minutes late can eventually balloon to slacking off, so you need to ask yourself again, would you be able to fire them if the time came?

A friend or family member could be a fantastic addition to your team. They could be the perfect fit for your business, and you may be good at compartmentalising your work and personal lives. But it’s much more likely you’ll encounter some problems along the way. Consider your options when hiring and think about whether your friend really is the best choice for your business. 

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