We Did It!!

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Green Accountants for Green Businesses

We did it! Two years ago we set ourselves the target of reducing our carbon fuel footprint by 50% Not only have we smashed that target by a reduction in our carbon miles of 87%, we are also contributing to tree planting programme to ensure we are Net Negative and a Green Business ourselves.

What have we been doing?

We set the targets as part of our own commitment to Climate Change Initiatives, believing that everyone must do their bit.

We have found that the reaction has been great, and our head of climate awareness Sophie Seddon lists other benefits as

  • Recruitment of new team members is better when you are the Green Accountants. People hear about our initiatives and want to join us,
  • Business interest has been boosted. Entrepreneurs are increasingly conscious of wanting to work with other green companies and accountants can’t exempt themselves,
  • Electric Vehicles just kept going during the recent fuel shortages! Ok a bit smug there.

Reducing out carbon miles was certainly helped by the pandemic. Previously we found customers reluctant to do video meetings. “I remember that even our own team members struggled to adapt. Some used to spend Zoom meetings checking their hair in the early days” says Hannah Priestley Operations Director at Big Hand. However, we are all much more comfortable with a video meeting and this has been a major factor in reducing our travel.

As well as restructuring the way we work we invested in our own Zero Emission car fleet. Big Hand Director Mick Seddon was chosen to lead the way and is happy to share experiences. “I think that there is some initial anxiety over charging on long journeys, but you soon overcome this and start to enjoy the Zero Emission feeling.”

Thank You!

We’d like to say thank you to some of the people who encouraged us. Chorley Group, Miles Roberts, Andrew Dunn, Adam Turner, cg professional who provided loads of information and our own zero emission EV. Thanks to Mark Worsley and Ian Settle for the early encouragement of the cause. To Peter Dobson and PMD Business Finance who have provided funding for clients and details of low interest funding for Green Business. Finally, to the Collaboration Board and Gemma Darcy for her interest and support.

Summing things up Sophie says that it is great to stand up and say that we are

“Green Accountants for Green Businesses”

If you would like to know more about Green Accountancy please see our website www.bighandgroup.com or call on 0161 327 2911.


About the Author:

Since 2013, Sophie has been an integral part of the Big Hand team. As a social butterfly, Sophie is mostly responsible for introducing new clients to the company. If you’re an avid networking, you’re most likely to meet Sophie at local events. Alongside attracting new business, she also assists with account management, and she manages payroll on behalf of clients. For fun, Sophie loves to keep fit running or playing korfball with her team. She is also in the middle of learning a new language and so her most recent challenge is attempting to read Harry Potter in Dutch.